Nashville Concrete Cutting In Nashville Frequently Asked Questions

Nashville Concrete Wall Sawing/Cutting

What is Wall Sawing?

Wall sawing, also known as track sawing, is the most effective cutting solution for vertical or sloped surfaces made of concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, asphalt, or cinder block. Wall sawing uses a circular diamond blade, usually attached to a track-mounted machine, allowing for precise placement of the saw cut.  The track system enables the wall saw to be attached to just about any horizontal or vertical surface, including steep inclines and floors.  Wall saws run on hydraulic, air, or electric power—and can make both straight and bevel cuts. The wall saw is an excellent choice for creating precise openings in any concrete structure.

Wall Sawing Services

Wall sawing is one of the cornerstone concrete cutting solutions offered by K & H Concrete Cutting Nashville—and a procedure that requires specialized experience and expertise. We have both. K & H Cutting uses wall sawing when creating openings through reinforced concrete walls and slabs, in addition to numerous other applications.  Wall saws are known not only for their precision cuts and speed, but also for their safety—when in the hands of experienced operators. Our blades can only accommodate 21”.

Common Applications for Wall Sawing:

  • Precision cuts in any vertical or horizontal concrete structure with steep inclines
  • Creating openings through reinforced concrete walls and slabs
  • Construction of wall, doorway, and window openings
  • Various HVAC applications, including wall cutting for ventilation purposes
  • Demolition purposes
  • Creation of craw spaces

Advantages of Wall Sawing:

  • Wall saws are known for their precision cuts, speed, and safety.
  • Wall sawing produces minimal noise, dust, and debris.
  • Wall saws can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Wall sawing preserves structural integrity.
  • Wall sawing is a cost-effective concrete cutting technique.

Wall sawing is common practice for cutting concrete on a vertical surface. The most popular reason for wall sawing is to create window and door openings in an existing concrete wall. Vertical wall cutting is also used when large concrete panels need to be removed. Furthermore, the wall sawing technique is effective on horizontal surfaces that are not accessible by a slab saw.

K & H specializes in wall cutting and can successfully complete even the most challenging jobs. We can cut concrete at depths of 2 feet with our wall saw fleet and will rely on this technique when other saws are too large for the job.